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Reading for this week: 

Chapters 21-22

Reading this week: 

Chapters 19 and 20


-Week Seven is still going and ends tomorrow night. 

-Starting to break the chapters up into 2 since more has been happening in the past few chapters! 

Reading this week: 

Chapters 16-18


Holy nuts, I totally thought I assigned these pages already, sorry for the delay. Due to my absent-mindedness, this week will definitely end on Tuesday of next week, but week 8 will still start on Monday! (Not too confusing I hope!) Also we now have 310 followers! Hello and thank you to all our new followers!  

Reading this week:

Chapters 13-15


-A few members are MIA this week so I’ll be extending week 5 until Tuesday 11:59pm (PST) to hopefully give them a bit of a chance to catch up if they can.

-Participants: I think it would be helpful to maybe start including the chapter with the quoted text, so that way if watchers want to see where you drew your entry from, they can look it up easily.

-To watchers: First of all, hello to all those that followed recently! We’re almost at 300 followers, which is really great and beyond what I was expecting this early on in the blog’s existence! I’m really hoping this project can find its legs and take off. Secondly, sorry for the random participation this group is getting. It’s new and I haven’t quite figured out how to make up a schedule what would accommodate all the participating members and still manage to be updated regularly. It’s something I’m trying to work on before we go into the next book, and if anyone has suggestions for this, I’m more than willing to listen to them, and would be quite grateful! Thanks all so much for your reblogs/likes/comments/etc!


Reading this week:

Chapters 10-12

Reading for this week:

Chapters 7-9.

Note: Extending Week 3 till Tuesday due to a few unforeseen circumstances for a couple of people. Hopefully that will give us enough time to catch up.

Reading for this Week:

Like last time, we’ll be reading 3 chapters, 4-6 (which roughly is about 50+ pages as well).


To the unofficial participants: You don’t have to wait till the last day to submit. If you want to notify me sooner I will post or queue them for as soon as the week’s Wednesday. It might just be that you are finishing them on Sunday, but I thought I’d make note of this anyway. :)

Hey guys,

I’m extending chapters 1-3 for an extra week due to the hurricane warnings on the east coast, and illness; and this project the last thing on anyone’s mind at the moment. Everyone rest up and stay safe!

Reading for the week:

This week we’ll be reading Chapters 1-3, which is around 50 pages.


As a reminder, you only need to draw/make one image for all three chapters. However, if you’re feeling inclined, you’re perfectly welcome to do more than one.

I’m pretty sure the info section covers it, but I don’t know how clear I was: the art which you contribute can pretty much be any visual medium. Crafts, drawings, comics, puppet show, a stitch work, I don’t know, whatever you want!

Also, I forgot to mention last week, but please feel free to use as many tags as you want, as long as you include the 3 required ones. Those 3 are used for organizing later when I start listing the stories we go through. You’re absolutely allowed to add more for your own use if you want.

As stated, our first book for this project will be the YA novel, Sabriel, by Garth Nix.

Sabriel participants:

Me (Jessadilla), Missingsun, Poupon, 1653

So far that is all the members, if you think you won’t be able to participate after all, let me know right away so I can remove your name, and so I know who to expect updates from! :)

You have one week to read the assigned chapter/pages, and to draw a corresponding image. You can do your favorite scene, a scene you think is compelling, or just something you think would look interesting illustrated! As far as quality goes, I’d prefer you all to be as illustrative as possible (i.e some kind of background/atmosphere to show what is going on), but it doesn’t have to be crazy detailed unless you’re really pumped and inspired to do so! I do understand that some weeks are more busy than others and I would prefer a doodle to nothing at all. Post art anywhere from Wed-Sunday. I’d say Monday through Sunday, but we’ll give a couple of days for people to be spoiler free. If you come across any problems while posting, let me know. Listed participants all have posting access.


Update with photo posts only please. Tumblr has kind of messed up the photo system for hi res images, so if you have something really nice and detailed, an off-site source might be best! 

Tags to use: #sabriel, #username, and then #sab01 for the first week, #sab02 for the second, etc. This will just help me organize a lot easier!

When updating with your art, please (either in the image itself, or below it) quote the passage from which your art takes place.

Reading for the week:

This week, to start off at an easy pace, we’ll be reading the prologue. It’s only about 10 pages long, I believe, so that should give you plenty of time to read/draw I hope! Each week I’ll assign new pages to read and they’ll all be under the #assign tag if you ever need to get to them.

I think that covers everything! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the ask or contact me personally (you all have various means to do so). Most of all have fun. Have so much fun guys. You better have all the fun!